How to Stop Being a People- Pleaser so you can Get the Respect You Deserve

Being a people pleaser sounds pleasant, doesn’t it? Most of us have learned that helping others at is a good thing. What could possibly be wrong with wanting to make people happy?

Unfortunately, a few things. Sometimes, doing good for others gets out of hand, and you find yourself spending too much time trying to please others. Worse, others may take advantage of you.

Are you a people pleaser?

Do you find yourself agreeing to things you would rather not do because you don’t want to upset others?

Are you tired of it?

If you find yourself nodding your head to a lot of these, then you probably could stand to make some changes in this area. In this episode of Success Unlimited, Dr. Patricia Thompson explores how to tell if you are a people pleaser, and provides actionable advice that will help you to stop your people-pleasing ways so that you can get the respect you deserve.


Episode Highlights:

    • Changing your behavior requires mindset shifts.
    • As a people pleaser, you’re probably very compassionate. Be more compassionate – to yourself.
    • People tend to be pretty resilient. Recognize other’s resilience.
    • Stop saying “Yes” to everything. Learn how to say “no”.
    • Deal with conflicts.
    • Practice getting good at receiving from others.



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EP10: How to Stop Being a People Pleaser to Get the Respect You Deserve
Patricia Thompson - Corporate Psychologist and Management Consultant | Silver Lining Psychology

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