Resources to take your career to the next level


The Mindful Leadership Course

The Executive Mindfulness Online Course is for busy executives and ambitious professionals who want to strengthen their leadership skills and effectiveness at work through the practice of mindfulness.

  • Is your communication style is getting in the way of your success?
  • Could you use more confidence?
  • Are you stressed out?
  • Are you ready to transform the way you approach your work?

Then, this course will help you!

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“I’m a different, better person thanks to mindfulness. Thanks to Dr. Thompson, I meet my employees where they are and have become a much more empathetic leader who focuses more on their development.”

Healthcare Vice-President

Management Essentials Course

The Management Essentials Course is for new leaders (or aspiring ones) who need to learn the fundamentals of management so they can lead effectively, with confidence.

  • Do you feel like you’re in over your head as a manager?
  • Do you have difficulty holding people accountable?
  • Are your meetings less effective than they could be?
  • Are you unsure how to get the people on your team to be their best?

This course will help you to deal with all of those problems, and more.

Want to find out your leadership personality?


The Consummate Leader

Take your ability to inspire others to the next level with this engaging holistic guide to leadership. Based on scientific research, my work with senior executives, and personal experiences, this book is chockfull of practical strategies and helpful exercises. Work your way through it and get ready to achieve greater success in your personal and professional endeavors.

“The Consummate Leader offers a vision of you at your best. Everyone wants to be as effective, creative, and successful as possible, and this book shows you how. Excellent!”

Marshall Goldsmith

Author of the New York Times and global bestseller %22What Got You Here Won’t Get You There%22