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Silver Lining Psychology

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You Are:

  • an ambitious professional who wants to achieve success – the right way.
  • devoted to fulfilling your potential. You know that targeted insights and coaching will help you to be your best.
  • focused on developing a high performing team. You recognize that people do their best work when they are challenged with opportunities for growth.
  • committed to contributing to a supportive culture in your organization. You know that when people are engaged and thriving, everyone wins.

I Am:

  • a  PhD level corporate psychologist with a 10+ year proven track record of assisting  leaders in accomplishing their goals.
  • a trusted advisor and business confidante who is passionate about partnering with my clients to help them to flourish.
  • a sought-after leadership expert whose advice has been featured in the Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Fast Company, Entrepreneur, CNN, and many other media outlets.
  • committed to doing whatever it takes to help you and your business to thrive. I take my role very seriously, because when you succeed, I succeed.

Let’s work together to take your business results to the next level.

services to boost your business results

Psychological Assessment

Our assessments provide a comprehensive understanding of an individual’s strengths, developmental needs, and motivators. Whether for selection or development, the data gained from our process supports effective hiring and talent management decisions. In addition, our feedback process helps professionals to position themselves for success.


Even a group of superstars will underperform if they are unable to work together effectively. By helping teams to leverage their strengths, address gaps, and understand individual differences, we assist them in achieving organizational goals.

Executive Coaching

Great leaders recognize that the development is never done – growth is a lifelong process. With targeted goals that are based on objective data, actionable suggestions, and a holistic approach to making change, our coaching helps our clients make the most of their abilities.

Organizational Studies

As a leader, it can be difficult to gain an honest and objective assessment of your organization. Our organizational studies provide an in-depth overview of internal talent, key cultural variables, and issues that interfere with execution. In addition, we provide recommendations to address inefficiencies and promote greater performance.


While exceptional leaders come in a variety of forms, they all share a solid foundation of self-awareness. To help develop strong leaders, we provide individuals with an in-depth understanding of their psychological makeup so they can fully utilize their talents and create a meaningful work environment in which their teams can flourish.

Positive Organizations Get Positive Results

The research is clear: people perform more effectively when they are in positive cultures.

  • When individuals are able to capitalize on their strengths, while also getting opportunities to develop, they make their best contributions.
  • They execute more effectively when are pursuing challenging, but compelling goals.
  • Teams perform better in psychologically-safe environments in which they feel connected to their leader and their colleagues. When they can communicate their opinions openly, the team is able to develop higher quality solutions to problem.


Although these findings make intuitive sense, most leaders put the bulk of their attention on the day-to-day demands of the business. As a result, they can neglect tending to the critical tasks that will give them a competitive advantage – developing people, focusing on culture, and leading with intention.

Silver Lining Psychology can help you to  use principles of psychology to enhance the culture of your organization and the development of your leaders. You’ll learn how to create an environment in which your business and the people within it will flourish. In turn, your organization will enjoy greater teamwork, productivity, and profit.


We have worked in a range of industries and organizations, from small businesses to multi-national Fortune 500 firms. Regardless of the size of the engagement, our commitment to professionalism, quality, and positivity shines through.

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