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To be successful, organizations have to ensure that the right people are in the right roles. While a well-placed leader can inspire employees to accomplish challenging goals, the wrong leader can wreak organizational havoc. As a result, many of our clients use psychological assessment to assist them during the selection process.

Our assessments enable you to get a thorough understanding of a potential hire so you can match an individual’s strengths and style with the demands of the role, needs of the team, and organizational culture. The information gained from the assessment also provides useful onboarding and coaching tips to support the new employee’s success. We assess for a myriad of personality characteristics so that you can bring on new hires with your eyes wide open, and avoid unwanted surprises.


Our clients also use assessments to promote a employees’ growth, by providing them with insight into their strengths and potential liabilities, and creating a targeted development plan. This process also provides you, as a leader, with useful information to better understand the people who work for you, and how best to coach and motivate them. This increases the likelihood that individuals will be engaged and make the most of their abilities.


Understand the Context
Before conducting the assessment, we have a comprehensive discussion with the hiring manager to learn about the position, the business goals, challenges, required competencies, and a host of other factors relevant to the role.
Select Assessment Tools
Based on the needs of the business, we will determine the appropriate psychological instruments needed to gain the necessary data.
Data Collection
Through psychological testing and in-person interviews, we gather relevant information about the individual.
We provide verbal feedback and a written report that is filled with practical recommendations to help the individual succeed. Also, because our goal is for each person who goes through the assessment to be able to utilize the information to develop, candidates also go through a feedback session with the psychologist, once hired.

“Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put in every heart.” – Rumi

Executive Coaching

a Strengths-based approach

Just as an athlete is able to fine-tune his or her skills through coaching from an experienced professional, so too can executives benefit from objective feedback, supportive counsel, and accountability. In our coaching sessions, we take a holistic approach to facilitate behavior change, and focus on strengths so clients can leverage their unique assets to their best possible advantage. Research shows that the more people are able to utilize their strengths, the happier, more productive, and more fulfilled they are.

Working on Developmental Goals

In addition to working on strengths, we also assist our clients in addressing their developmental opportunities.   A good analogy for thinking about how strengths and developmental opportunities work together is to consider a sailboat.  Think of your developmental opportunities as a leak in the boat, and your strengths as the sail.  If you never address your developmental opportunities (leak), they will likely cause the boat to sink.  However, if you only focus on them, there is nothing to move the boat forward.  By tending to both strengths and developmental opportunities, we help you to achieve the best results.

In our work together, we take full advantage of positive psychology techniques. We provide our clients with the tools to manage their own emotions while also teaching them how to facilitate positive emotions in themselves and others. We also collaboratively create a development plan with each individual who goes through coaching so that they have a detailed road map for making the desired changes. Finally, we work with leaders, coaching them on how to leverage their people’s strengths, encourage a sense of meaning and fun in the work they are doing, and create a positive environment that promotes employee engagement and strong results.

Use of Objective Measures

To ensure that we have an holistic understanding of you as a person, we use a variety of objective measures. All executive coaching engagements begin with a full personality assessment, which includes a battery of psychological instruments, problem-solving measures, and an in-depth interview. We also frequently employ 360 survey data, so that you can get a deeper sense of how your personality plays out behaviorally, and how you are perceived by those around you. Then, we pull together this information into a comprehensive report, which enables us to target the goals that will be most important for your growth, development, and effectiveness as a professional.

“The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential… these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.” – Confucius

Team Development

A team is at its best when it is made up of diverse individuals who bring a variety of skills, styles, and strengths to the table. However, while the range of perspectives and talents set the stage for superior solutions to problems, the team is only able to achieve its best outcomes when the members can navigate their differences effectively.



Our team development services support effective group performance in a number of ways. First, we help individuals to recognize the unique strengths and work habits of their peers. With this deeper understanding, teams are able to increase their appreciation of one another, maximize each person’s contribution, and minimize unhealthy conflict.

Second, we create more cohesive teams through exercises designed to enhance trust, foster healthy dialogue, and support constructive communication. By increasing awareness about how the group is interacting with one another and calling out “elephants in the room,” we encourage the team to get important issues out on the table and work through them effectively.

building cohesive teams
developing a shared sense of commitment

Finally, we help teams to improve execution by developing a shared sense of commitment, achieving clarity around decision making, and encouraging peer accountability. Team members learn the importance of acting based on the team’s best interests, as opposed to simply being concerned with individual gain. The end result is a higher functioning team that is able to efficiently pursue goals.


While technical skills play an important role in on-the-job success, other psychological factors such as motivation, emotional intelligence, focus, interpersonal skills, and effective work habits are essential to achieving the best outcomes. Our interactive training workshops blend research and practice to help individuals to develop soft skills.  In addition to teaching practical strategies that can instantly be used on the job to increase performance, we also educate people about research so they can understand the “why” behind our suggestions. We have a variety of training offerings to assist our clients in achieving their business goals.

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.”

– Michael Jordan

Organizational Studies

As a leader, it can be difficult to objectively assess all of the moving parts in your business. Although an understanding of the culture, talent, and factors affecting execution are essential for success, employees are often reluctant to provide candid feedback to the boss. In our organizational studies we act as your eyes and ears by collecting a range of quantitative and qualitative data through interviews and assessments of key staff. In turn, we provide you, as a leader, with an in-depth overview of your organization. We then use this information along with our extensive business experience to provide you with targeted recommendations that will enhance performance.

organizational studies

“However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.”

—Sir Winston Churchill

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