The 7 Keys to Being an Exceptional Leader

Exceptional leaders inspire others to dream, fill them with a sense of passion, and expertly guide the way to achieving outstanding results; in short, great leaders can change the world.

Have you ever envisioned being an exceptional leader?

Whether you’re a current leader looking to develop, or an aspiring leader, this episode is for you. Make sure to write down important points!

In this episode corporate psychologist, Dr. Patricia Thompson, shares the 7 essential elements of exceptional leadership which you can follow to help you become a better leader today.  This episode is based on her book, “The Consummate Leader: a Holistic Guide to Inspiring Growth in Others…and in Yourself.


Episode Highlights:

    • Achieve heightened self-awareness to affect the way you influence
    • Build a happiness toolbox to bring joy to yourself and those around you
    • Care for your whole self first as a hallmark of effecting positive change
    • Embrace your own authenticity to allow others to embrace their own
    • Foster positive relationships in the workplace that promote greater productivity – and job satisfaction
    • And more!


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EP03: The 7 Keys to Being an Exceptional Leader
Patricia Thompson - Corporate Psychologist and Management Consultant | Silver Lining Psychology

About the Author

Dr. Patricia Thompson is a Corporate Psychologist and Management Consultant who is passionate about helping her clients flourish by making well-informed hiring decisions, cultivating talent, and developing a positive organizational culture. Read more...