Are you Living Your Life or is Your Life Living You?

Life as an adult is full of a lot of different experiences. In addition to the joys of work and personal life, most of us also have any responsibilities to contend with. On top of our jobs, whether full-time, part-time, or as a business owner, we still have to cook, clean, run errands and more. If you are not careful, pretty soon your life outside of work can become another job, full of tasks you have to complete. Many of us end up spending our non-work time like we’re employees–and it does not have to be that way.

What is the alternative?

The alternative is living your life intentionally. 

This is your life. Many people seem to forget that they have some degree of choice in how they spend their time.

Unlike some others, this episode is not going to be a straightforward one where Dr. Patricia Thompson can give you tips, strategies or steps to solve an issue. It’ll require some self-reflection and intention. Listen and learn some ideas to get you started.

Episode Highlights:

    • Dr. Patricia’s journey from being a consultant to a business owner
    • Delegate. Take a hard look at all that you’re doing, and decide where you can scale back.
    • Buy yourself time. Free up your time to do something that you enjoy
    • Make a concerted effort to make time for things you enjoy.



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EP15: Are you Living Your Life or is Your Life Living You?
Patricia Thompson - Corporate Psychologist and Management Consultant | Silver Lining Psychology

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Dr. Patricia Thompson is a Corporate Psychologist and Management Consultant who is passionate about helping her clients flourish by making well-informed hiring decisions, cultivating talent, and developing a positive organizational culture. Read more...