Client Testimonials

Ebube Anizor

VP – Product, @Ditto

“When I moved out to Silicon Valley, I was looking to make the move into an executive position. I was somewhat stuck in middle management and sought Patricia’s guidance to help me learn and mature in my current role while repositioning myself for the next step. I appreciated Patricia’s candor and relevant ‘assignments’ in-between sessions. She helped me break out of unhelpful mental models and address needed gaps.  I have since landed a VP role in a startup and am now growing a team under me.”

Allana Cummings

Healthcare Executive/Chief Information Officer 

“Patricia Thompson’s expertise in leadership development is unparalleled. Her deep knowledge in helping individuals and teams develop their skills, commitment and passion to deliver effective leadership have greatly benefited me and the organizations which I have served. Dr. Thompson is truly someone whom I admire and feel fortunate and honored to have learned from in my growth as a leader.” 

Bill Cleary

Vice-President, Wells Fargo 

“Patricia worked with me and the management team at a family owned company for several years. She is a great communicator and takes time to understand the priorities of the people she is working with. In working with her, I especially noticed her strength in helping clients who are leading through periods of change. She has a unique talent for helping to bring important issues into focus. She is also excellent at helping with leadership as it comes to decision making and managing stress while being the decision maker.” 


Former SVP HR, Baylor Scott & White Health

“In my experience of working with Dr. Thompson, she brought incredible insights about how effectively our team was working together.  Individually, her assessments provide meaningful information about a person, which we always appreciated.  However, when asked her to evaluate the entire team, how we work together, and where we could be even more effective, we experienced some very powerful breakthrough moments. ” 

Becky Meggesin

Human Resources Executive/Consultant

“Dr. Thompson is a true professional!   She has a unique ability to blend her clinical research with real life issues that enable her clients to focus on their own well-being.  Her calming style and compassion for all is remarkable.”

Paul Noble

President at EZ Prints Holdings Inc.

“Early in my career and leadership journey I was lucky enough to work with Patricia. Through her brilliance as an executive coach she saw quickly (then leveraged) that which highly motivated me; a combination of pushing and pulling, highlighting strengths and deficits, sharing what others saw in me versus how I saw myself. I owe much of my successful progression as a leader to her. Later in my career, as I lead in one of the most challenging team environments in my career, Patricia helped me, and my team, break through the disfunction and barriers that hindered us. In retrospect, the gifts I appreciate most from Patricia are the time she saved me, and the relationships she helped me create (and sometimes save).”




21 Day Crash Course in Emotional Intelligence

Faye Irwin

A great course! Material was well set out and the pace was perfect, homework to do to enhance what is covered off in the classes. Highly recommended! 

21 Day Crash Course in Emotional Intelligence

Diego Vieira de Souza 

“I believe the course is a great tool for a person to raise self and social awareness and to manage relationships on a personal and professional environment. It’s a hands on course that focuses on enhancing your inner skills, making you a better person to live with and a better professional to work with. I highly recommend it.”

21 Day Crash Course in Emotional Intelligence

Giedre Grizaite

“I like this course very much because it’s very well explained with theories and practical examples. That makes it easily understandable and pleasant to attend. Also, I found the workbook as a very useful tool to express my thoughts regarding my emotions and keep a track on the progress throughout the course. I am certain that this workbook will be even more useful after the course has ended as you can read it in your new eyes and reflect upon it. 

All in all, this course helps to find happy relationship with yourself by identifying your own emotions and ways to handle them. Then it leads to creating happy relationships with other people. I highly recommend!” 

21 Day Crash Course in Emotional Intelligence

Linda Bair

“This was a really great course. Practical advice, valuable exercises to put the lessons into practice, and so many insights that helped me to discover new things about myself. My relationships have improved as a result of this course, and it’s made me a lot more self-aware.” 

21 Day Crash Course in Emotional Intelligence

Mona Mix

“Love this class. Super interesting, clear and engaging teacher. She did a great job! Thank you so much! 


21 Day Crash Course in Emotional Intelligence

Karina de los Angeles Munoz Munoz

“I found this course really interesting and I high recommend for everyone! During the course I could understand how our brain works and how we are able to manage it if we have the ability to understand our brain. Also I could observe and analyze my reactions and emotions. I used to react in impulsive way, however, now I am able to observe more my emotions and respond properly. Lastly, Patricia is such a beautiful person who helped me without knowing me. I really appreciate her support. I am grateful to have the opportunity to take this course.” 

The Executive Mindfulness Online Course 

Cynthia Taylor 

“As a single mom, my life is incredibly busy and stressful. Between all of my responsibilities at work and at home, I honestly didn’t know if I had time to take a course. But, given how overwhelmed I was feeling, I decided to at least give it a try. I’m so glad I did! Patricia’s lessons are incredibly practical, and they’ve made a huge difference – in my productivity, stress level, and believe it or not, in my confidence to face life’s challenges. I’m also a LOT more present for my son. I can’t recommend this course enough.” 

The Executive Mindfulness Online Course 

 Peter William James Drake

“I have recently completed the ‘Executive Mindfulness’ online course. The course combines theory & practical resources in a highly engaging way. Additionally, Patricia’s regular follow-up sessions have been invaluable for me. Thank you & congratulations on a great course…!”

The Executive Mindfulness Online Course 

Maurice Fyffe

“Since taking this course, I’ve become so much more focused. I can clear away the distractions and get more done. It’s made me more patient too because I now take a step back instead of reacting automatically. I highly recommend this course!” 

The Executive Mindfulness Online Course 

Taya Iv

“”Wow” is the first word that comes to mind when I think of this course. Patricia is not only immensely clever, but impressively articulate. Her calm tone put me at ease and encouraged me to mindfully do my homework every day. Thank you, Patricia, for being so articulate, open, and emotionally intelligent. You’re making the world a better place. I’d LOVE to work with you one day!”

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