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Silver Lining Psychology

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What We Do

We help businesses to achieve better results by applying the science of psychology. Whether you need to develop stronger leaders, make smarter hiring decisions, or build higher functioning teams, we can help you to accomplish your goals.


Our Approach

We partner with clients to create bespoke solutions to best meet your needs. Our approach is targeted, data-based, and informed by years of consulting experience and deep expertise in psychology.


Our Mission

Silver Lining Psychology was created based on a simple desire – to educate businesses and the leaders within them about how to adopt a positive approach to leadership and culture, to foster better organizational results.

About Dr. Patricia Thompson

Patricia Thompson, PhD,  the President of Silver Lining Psychology, is an award-winning psychologist who has been consulting to organizations since 2004. She has worked in a range of industries (healthcare, banking, retail, utilities, non-profit, manufacturing, government), with clients ranging from small businesses to Fortune 100 companies.

Dr. Thompson’s expertise has been featured in a variety of media outlets, including The Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, Forbes, INC, and more, and her online courses have been taken by over 35,000 students around the world. 


Psychological Assessments

Our assessments provide a comprehensive understanding of an individual’s strengths, developmental needs, and motivators. Whether for selection or development, the data gained from our process supports effective hiring and talent management decisions. In addition, our feedback process helps professionals to position themselves for success.

How to Help Your Managers to Act Like Leaders

Executive Coaching

Great leaders recognize that growth is a life-long process, and that work with an executive coach can give them a competitive edge. With targeted goals that are based on objective data, actionable suggestions, and a holistic approach to making change, our coaching helps our clients make the most of their abilities.

team development


Ongoing development is a critical part of being a successful professional. Our self-study options range from Dr. Thompson’s book, The Consummate Leader, to self-paced online courses on leadership, emotional intelligence, mindfulness for executives, that have been taken by over 35,000 students around the globe.

team development

WORKSHOPS and Webinars

When your staff is informed and well-developed, they are more productive and engaged. Dr. Thompson brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and practical advice to her presentations. With topics ranging from leadership to employee well-being, she keeps audiences entertained and educated.


“Patricia Thompson’s expertise in leadership development is unparalleled. Her deep knowledge in helping individuals and teams develop their skills, commitment and passion to deliver effective leadership have greatly benefited me and the organizations which I have served.” 

Allana Cummings

Healthcare Executive/Chief Information Officer , Retired

“I owe much of my successful progression as a leader to her. Later in my career, as I lead in one of the most challenging team environments in my career, Patricia helped me, and my team, break through the dysfunction and barriers that hindered us.”

Paul Noble

President, EZ Print Holdings, Inc

“When I moved out to Silicon Valley, I was looking to make the move into an executive position. I was somewhat stuck in middle management and sought Patricia’s guidance. I appreciated Patricia’s candor and relevant ‘assignments’ in-between sessions. She helped me break out of unhelpful mental models and address needed gaps.  I have since landed a VP role in a startup and am now growing a team under me.”

Ebube Anizor

VP - Product, @Ditto

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