4 Ways to Get Re-Engaged on the Job

While workers of generations past might have been willing to make do with an unfulfilling job that provided forty years of stability, today’s world is different. Now, we live in an age in which many of us expect to pursue our passions by engaging in work that makes our hearts sing.

This is a healthy change, both for individuals and the organizations in which they work. After all, when people love what they do, and see their work as a calling, they tend to have higher satisfaction on the job and in life in general.. In turn, people who have a greater sense of well-being, tend to be more productive and achieve greater success for their companies.

But, what if you’re in a job that you don’t currently love? And what if now isn’t a good time for you to move on? Is all lost?

Thankfully, no. Although we generally think of passion as something that comes when you are in a job that is the right fit for you, research suggests that we can actually cultivate a sense of enjoyment for our work by changing our beliefs about it.

Interested in stoking some passion for your job? Try out these ideas:

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